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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Upcoming films


This film is causing quite a stir at the moment with its comparisons to A clockwork orange due to the highly disturbing nature of the violence. Any film that receives a comparison to one of Kubrick's finest films is bound to appeal to most avid film fans! If the trailer is anything to go by, it looks like an English version of Chopper, following the life of a reckless criminal through prison and onwards. I'm also enjoying the presence of Matt King, who is more commonly known as Superhans from Peep Show. This should be well worth a look:


Franklyn was released in the UK on the 27th of Feb but as usual, smaller independent films are never given the chance to shine as most cinemas prefer to play the usual generic Hollywood rubbish such as Marley and me and He's just not that into you. I am really looking forward to watching this but unfortunately its not showing anywhere near Stoke. I love intelligent sci-fi movies, they are few and far between and this trailer incites comparisons to Dark City and V for Vendetta which can only be considered a good thing:


28 Days later was an inspired piece of film-making that reinvented the zombie movie and while Carries does come across as a cheap knock-off of Danny Boyle's classic horror in the trailer, the reviews have been very positive so far. Films which deal with post apocalyptic situations are always entertaining and this should be no exception:


This low budget sci-fi comes across as very similar to the excellent and very under-rated indie flick Primer that was released back in 2004. The fact that its a spanish time travel film may put off a lot of audiences but the subject of time travelling has produced some incredible films such as Twelve monkeys, Donnie Darko and The butterfly effect. Definitely one to watch out for, Timecrimes comes to DVD on May 4th:


Anonymous said...

Franklyn looks awesome. Also Sam Riley's in it, which was totally unexpected, I thought he had fell off the radar since Control.Do you remember him from 10,000 things(the leeds band?)

Bean said...

Yeah i remember seeing them at the sugarmill years ago, didn't you support them? Got some good news anyway, spoke to the programme manager last night and Franklyn is going to be on at Stoke Film Theatre soon.