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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Film Review - The Proposition

The Proposition

As a keen music fan i was very intrigued by the proposition of watching a film scripted by Nick Cave. A quick glance down the cast list heightened my expectations with many of the actors/actresses having appeared in some of my favourite films; Guy Pearce - Memento, Emily Watson - Angela's Ashes, Ray Winstone - Sexy Beast and John Hurt - Alien.

Centering around three criminal brothers and the lawman out to end their reign of terror, The proposition is an unsettling thriller set in the Australian outback. In a cruel twist of fate, Charlie Burns, played by Guy Pearce, is told that his younger brother will go free if he takes the life of his older brother. The premise of the story is where the films strength lies, and as the captivating tale unfolds it quickly becomes apparent that the characters lack the necessary depth for the audience to empathise with them. That's not to say that all of the performances are lacklustre, John Hurt is exceptional as an aged bounty hunter, and Ray Winstone puts in a powerful performance as Captain Stanley, however, i was more captivated by the stunning scenery and superb cinematography than most of the acting. As well as the breathtaking visuals, the haunting soundtrack was perfectly suited to the film's gritty edge, showcasing another of Nick Cave's many talents.

Given time, the characters could have been developed into so much more but with the film running at just over 100 minutes, we are not given a chance to fully appreciate the motivation behind their actions. Despite not having mainstream appeal, this film is still very enthralling, and will certainly please film fans who have an appetite for revenge thrillers.


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