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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Upcoming Films


Featuring a great British cast, this gloomy psychological thriller has a lot of potential. Jim sturgess, Timothy Spall and Eddie Marsan are all excellent actors and the inclusion of the gorgeous Clemence Poesy, best known for her performance as Chloe in In Bruges, is a fantastic choice, I've been looking forward to seeing her on the big screen again for quite some time now. As far as the story is concerned it revolves around Jamie Morgans (Jim Sturgess) discovery that there are demons roaming the streets of East London. If the film is as dark and gritty as the trailer makes it out to be - think Harry Brown on acid - this could be a surprise hit when it's released in May.

High School

Finally the first trailer for High School has been released, and although its a great clip, it doesn't really give much away. The story focuses on Henry Burke, a high school valedictorian who takes his first hit of weed only to discover that all students will undergo a compulsory drug test. Only one thing for it; get the whole school stoned!  Early reviews have been comparing High School to The Hangover, which can only be a good thing. Despite the shit title, High School is definitely one to watch out for.

Get Low

Already making waves on the festival circuit, Get low is loosely based on the real events of a backwoods hermit who decides to throw his own funeral party - whilst he is still alive. Starring Robert Duvall as the man in question, along with Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek, we can be assured from the cast involved that this is bound to be a top-notch drama. There has even been the rumours of Oscar noms surrounding this picture, which is a bold claim when the next awards season is over ten months away. We shall have to wait and see.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

I would consider myself a nice person, but nothing gets me more excited than a twisted, depraved horror film. Based around the sickening idea of attaching people's digestive systems together to create a series of humans that resemble a centipede, this film is clearly not for those with a weak stomach. It is a very strange concept, and I am unsure how the director can drag the story out for 90 minutes but I am certainly very intrigued. The trailer reminds me of the french horror Eyes without a Face, where a crazy surgeon mutilated innocent victims for his bizarre experiments. Someone get me tickets for the UK premiere of this film and I will be a very happy man.