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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Upcoming Films

The Expendables

I’ve been looking forward to this film for well over a year now and the trailer has squashed some of my fears. It’s obviously going to be an over the top action movie full of clichés but it definitely looks like there’s the potential for it to be a thrilling ride. Featuring an eclectic cast of action giants such as Bruce Willis, Jet li and Sylvester Stallone, the expendables is sure to be box office gold when it’s released.

Four Lions

Famed for the controversy surrounding the majority of his work, Chris Morris is the exceptionally edgy comedian behind some of the greatest television series in comedy history such as Brass eye and The day Today. His feature length directorial debut follows the exploits of four young British Muslim terrorists who endeavour to realise their potentially destructive dreams. Written by the guys behind Peep Show, this is sure to be a very entertaining comedy.

Rec 2

Rec is easily one of the scariest movies I have ever seen so the idea of a sequel is always going to be a worrying proposition, how could anything live up to the sheer terror of the original? I doubt that this film will, but I cannot help but be intrigued by the prospect of the film picking up a mere 8 minutes after the first one ended. Definitely one to watch out for.

The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc-Sec

Luc Besson is the man behind one of my favourite thrillers, Leon, and while this film is tackling completely different territory, the fantastical world he has created looks very promising. Echoing the visuals of Gilliam and featuring Bessons inventive action sequences, The extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-sec could potentially be this years Pan’s Labyrinth.

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