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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

You should move into an Odeon

I've recently moved to a new flat where there was no internet up until now, which is why i've not been updating the blog! On the plus side, it means that I've been able to invest in a huge HD TV and surround sound, prompting my brother to send me a message reading: 'You're such a cinema goon, you should move into an Odeon'. He's probably right.

Anyway, I've seen a few previews recently including Get him to the Greek and The Karate kid, but i'm not going to tell you what I thought of them just yet, you'll have to come back and check out the reviews when I upload them in the next couple of days.

 Here's a few new trailers for films that have caught my eye recently:


Featuring the voice talents of Johnny Depp, Ray Winstone and Bill Nighy, and with direction from the awkwardly named Gore Verbinski, the mastermind behind the pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Rango is destined to do well at the box office. But more importantly, will it be any good? This disappointing trailer indicates that the writers have been reading too much Hunter S. Thompson which may have provided them with ideas which are visually impressive but there is a distinct lack of story on show. Hopefully later trailers will address this issue and Rango will live up to the combined potential of the stars involved.

The Last Exorcism

Ever since Cannibal Holocaust was released to a wave of controversy in 1980, the horror genre has often returned to the faux documentary style of filming in order to provide audiences with a fresh take on things that go bump in the night. Recent successes such as REC and Paranormal Activity have spawned a number of awful copycat films but The Last Exorcism looks like it has the potential to scare the crap out of the most hardened of horror fans. When a priest's final exorcism ritual doesn't go according to plan, all hell breaks loose on an isolated farmstead and the camera crew documenting the events get far more than they bargained for. Okay, it does sound like we're on similar territory as the exorcism of emily rose here, but inital reviews have heaped praise on the film-makers, so that may not be a bad thing - definitely one to watch out for.

Paranormal Activity 2

Whether you liked it or not, Paranormal Activity was a groundbreaking low budget horror film and its huge success at the box office was bound to create the demand for a sequel. Horror sequels rarely live up to their predecessors and while the original was entertaining, this concept would be best left as a stand-alone film. Being a horror fan I will be inclined to check this out, I just hope the writers have a few more tricks hidden up their sleeve and don't make a total hash of Paranormal Activity 2. The trailer doesn't reveal much, but fans of the original will definitely be excited at the prospect of more evil possessions.

Let Me In

Chloe Moretz rise to stardom is bound to continue with the recent announcement that Kick-Ass 2 has been given the go ahead and her appearance in Reeve's Let Me In is sure to cement her reputation as a talented new actress. Cast alongside Smit-McPhee, fresh from his stunning role in The Road, this film has a lot of potential but has a very difficult task in bettering the disturbing Swedish original Let the right one in. For those who have seen the original, pray they don't change the swimming pool scene, and keep your fingers crossed that this is one American remake of a foreign film that will actually be worthwhile.

I recently rediscovered this amazing clip, can't believe the lack of views its had on youtube. If you spend far too much time on IMDB like I do, it's definitely worth checking out:


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